Auto Application


The VO500 is the automotive application of the successful RPS2000 Series Technology for Marine and Power Generation.  The VO500 has been designed to enable diesel vehicles of engine capacities up to 500 bhp (375kW) to run on vegetable oil.  VO500 provides a simple, reliable and clean way to enable the seamless transition between diesel and vegetable oil.

VO500 Kit 

The VO500 Kit includes the precision engineered RPS Bio-Oil Management System which comprises an integrated heater, change over spool block and filter, with the following ancillary fittings:-

  • 1 x 3m length of 6mm bore fuel hose
  • 5 x barb connectors to suit
  • 2 x straight barb connectors
  • 10 x hose clamps
  • 1m x 3/4” radiator hose
  • 4 x hose clamps to suit
  • 1 x 30A Relay
  • 1 x Fuse holder
  • 1 x Rocker switch with LED
  • 1 x 4m two core cable
  • Spade terminals

Key Features

  • Compact - fuel filter integrated with change over spool and heating plates
  • Uses engine waste heat - high efficiency plate heat exchanger with waste heat connection taken from cabin heater connection
  • Single integrated electrical solenoid
  • Symmetrical connection arrangement - permits connections from either side or both sides
  • Uses industry standard filter elements
  • Simple single point mounting for heater, filter, and change over spool
  • Integrated thermal switch – ensures that oil is not used before the appropriate temperature is attained
  • Manufactured in metal to very close tolerances
  • Very low maintenance
  • High reliability - built for industrial service and capacity exceeds all automotive requirements
  • Capable of remote monitoring 

Additional Requirements

Additional requirements include a pump, in-line filter, fuel lines, tank, electrical cable and a switch - all of which are available as off the shelf items from reputable suppliers.  We are happy to provide specifications and/or recommendations.