Bio-Oil Partner Program

Raw Power Systems is interested in partnering with producers of various plant originated oils, including but not limited to coconut oil, jatropha oil, canola oil, pongamia oil, used cooking oil and others.

The RPS2000 Series Technology enables RPS Approved Bio-Oils to be used as a direct replacement for diesel fuel in stationary generators – WITHOUT THE NEED FOR PROCESSING THE BIO-OIL TO BIODIESEL.

The objective of a partnership is to identify commercial / industrial scale users of diesel power generators, close to the location of the oil producer (so as to minimise transport costs) and to promote an offer to them of an alternative fuel supply.

The RPS Approved Bio-Oil Partner will enter a contract to supply RPS Approved Bio-Oil direct with the customer.  A condition of the contract is the supply of RPS2000 Series Technology as the enabling technology.

The outcomes of providing an integrated RPS Technology / RPS Approved Bio-Oil supply contract are:

(i)  A reduction in fuel price for the customer;

(ii) An increased margin for the RPS Approved Bio-Oil Partner (for selling oil prepared to meet RPS Approved Bio-Oil specifications);

(iii) A return for Raw Power Systems on the technology.

A genuine Win-Win-Win scenario for the three parties.

We invite producers or suppliers of plant originated oils who may be interested in partnering with Raw Power Systems to contact us via the Web Contact Form.