Power Generation

RPS2000 Series Bio-Oil Management Systems

The RPS2000 Series of Bio-Oil Management Systems enable stationary diesel generators to operate reliably and efficiently on RPS Approved Bio-Oils prepare to meet the RPS specifications. The models are available in a range RPS2000, RPS2100 and RPS2200 which cater for different engine sizes and applications.

           RPS2100-1                        RPS2000-1     

Key Features

  • Models are available to suit generators from 50kVA upwards
  • Suitable for use with RPS Approved Bio-Oils
  • Easy switching between all fuels
  • Diesel or biodiesel can still be used if required (eg: if plant oil shortage)
  • Robust and low maintenance


 Economic Benefits of using RPS Approved Bio-Oils

  • Reduction in cost over petroleum fuel
  • Reduced dependence on imported petroleum products
  • Oil can be produced in the local economy
  • A local market for oil can be created that will have its own stability

Environmental Benefits of using RPS Approved Bio-Oils

  • Meets policies for sustainable and renewable power generation
  • Clean and green
  • Low emissions


 Social Benefits of using RPS Approved Bio-Oils

  • Creates local employment
  • Generates income in local communities
  • Empowers local communities